Heartwork Records - a record label since 1978.

Heartwork Records was registered as record label,
recording studio and publishing company on the
1st of September in Sweden the year 1979 by Henrik Venant;
composer, musician, producer and director of Heartwork Records.

Heartwork Records has during the years released a number
of immortal recordings. Among them you find Swedish classics
such as Cortex; Spinal Injuries, LP, from 1981 with the
unforgettable songs and magical voice of Freddie Wadling.

You find Garbochock, TT Reuter, Blago Bung, Robert Widén,
Stry & Stripparna, Selfmade Man, City Kent, Martti Le Thargie,
Underjordiska Lyxorkestern (The Underground Luxury Orchestra),
The Kingdom of Evol featuring Freddie Wadling among other famous
acts produced by the label.

The future holds more "burning material" in its hands...
More recordings by TT Reuter and The Kingdom of Evol featuring
Freddie Wadling are beeing recorded. Poetry and music with 
pulsating and bleeding energy,
soulful and sounding noise from new acts, bands and artists,
soon to be released at Heartwork Records.

   Henrik Venant  and his Magic Heartwork Mobile Studio                                   Photo: (p)&(c) Audiovisual Universe, ,2009


And like your heart will beat and pound for the work of art...
Heart... Work... Art... Work... Heart... Work... Art...Work...






Look out for New monster recordings from Heartwork Records!

Heartwork Records is Distributed by Border Music http://www.border.se